Festival Foods

Luxurie is grocery shopping without leaving the building – especially when the outside temperature is below freezing.



  • Open 5 am to Midnight every day
  • 57,000 sq. ft. containing thousands of products
  • Wisconsin-based, and family and employee owned & operated
  • Hot and cold food bars, sushi, catering service, coffee shop, liquor store


  • Apples, oranges, & corn that are days fresher than other grocery stores
  • Bakery: Bread, doughnuts, pastries, & cakes made from scratch daily
  • Butter, milk, & dairy products sourced exclusively from local farms
  • Fresh Flight Fish: catch of the day FedExed® fresh from the dock to the store


  • Fresh Flight Fish includes Alaskan wild-caught salmon and cod, Massachusetts haddock, Portland halibut and trout, & Hawaiian ahi tuna.
  • USDA choice beef, poultry & pork is available fresh, marinated, stuffed, and ready to bake, broil, grill, or serve.
  • Special orders and custom cuts for Thanksgiving, holidays and special events
  • Cooking and grilling tips, professional advice, and recipes


  • Certified-organic products available
  • Free advice from registered dieticians, specialty diet products, & EatWell program
  • Sustainably fished or farmed seafood as certified by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.
  • Natural ceiling joists made from red pine trees from Wisconsin River Valley
  • Recycled and repurposed: 18” support columns made of ash trees from Tenney Park removed by the City of Madison due to emerald ash borer disease.


  • Liquor store: spirits, beer, mixers, growlers, and an international selection of wines
  • The Mezz: a 2nd floor bar with outdoor patio and growlers
  • 14 taplines: 6 in the liquor store, 8 in The Mezz
  • Grab and go foods or custom deli trays
  • Tailgate party supplies: Octoberfest Brats to Game Day Wings
  • Specialty and personalized cakes, icings, fillings, & decoration
  • Theme cakes: birthday, special events, even a 5-tier fondant wedding cake with a waterfall


  • Free covered parking
  • Free quality child care in our Tot Spot
  • Free knife-sharpening in meat department
  • Cake ordering
  • Coffee shop
  • The Mezz bar
  • Rug Doctor Rentals
  • DMV renewals
  • Free WI FI

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or call 844-511-3887